Luke Woodford

Luke Woodford emerges as a distinguished fine art photographer and publisher, his captivating work having graced the global stage through publications and exhibitions spanning planet Earth. Based in the UK, this imaginative creator refuses to confine himself to artistic categorizations, instead allowing his unique journey to dictate the diverse forms his art takes. Unfettered by industry politics and unafraid to challenge conventions, Luke Woodford fearlessly speaks his mind and consistently defies the norm.

Luke’s rise in the industry gained momentum as he showcased his talent for Vogue Italia in Milan within a mere three years of embarking on his photographic journey. In 2014, a fortuitous meeting with Mandy sparked a creative partnership and relationship, evolving into a brand that transcended borders. Constantly on the move, the dynamic duo traversed over 10 countries, creating breathtaking photographs at every destination.

The year 2016 marked a significant collaboration for Luke as he joined forces with Zeiss for photography sessions, enamored by their lenses and deeming them among the world’s premier photographic brands. What began as admiration swiftly blossomed into a full-fledged ambassadorial role by early 2017. Luke achieved a milestone in July 2017, hosting his inaugural solo exhibition at the prestigious Grace Belgravia in London.

Entering 2018, Luke found representation with After Nyne Contemporary, an esteemed art gallery in Kensington, London. The symbiotic relationship saw his artworks find a regular home in this prestigious outlet. Luke, along with his wife Mandy, commemorated their creative journey in February 2018 with the release of their first book, ‘2.5,’ featuring 106 photographic artworks available in select bookshops across the UK.

The turn of 2018 also marked the beginning of a close collaboration with Sony. Dissatisfied with his previous camera system, Luke embraced the Sony Alpha systems, leading to numerous commissions and events, including a fashion shoot at Sony’s HQ and an awe-inspiring display at The Photography Show in front of hundreds. In this year, Luke also became a partner in a publishing company, editing and distributing magazines and books all over the world.

In 2019, Luke expanded his horizons by partnering with Leonards Art, a Mallorca-based art company specializing in contemporary works from emerging and established artists worldwide. A successful exhibition in Mallorca in collaboration with Leonards Art saw a record number of artworks sold.

The year 2020 brought personal and creative challenges for Luke, including a breakdown and the collapse of his marriage. However, from the depths of despair, he found renewal with the birth of El Luca. This marked the beginning of a unique series where Luke, adorned in a morph suit, crafted fine art photos of himself. As time healed his wounds, Luke’s belief in capturing the female form reignited, leading to the birth of his latest series in 2023 – “Resurrection.” A testament to his personal and creative revival.

Luke’s photographic artworks find homes with private buyers and luxury interior designers worldwide, gracing the walls of prestigious locations such as London, Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles, and Miami.

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